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#AntiguaCarnival2019 have been fortunate to help with carnival preparations at the 'All Girls Summer Camp' at the Montessori School in St. Johns, Antigua. As an island face painter, I created a mural face-board for the girls to decorate with feathers, beads and sequins as part of their carnival display.

This project went a litter further, there were no limits for completing the next challenge which I was asked to create a carnival costume made of paper. My skills were certainly tested and amazingly I pulled it off, I surprised myself with my origami skills. The bra is made from one sheet of folded paper, the pants was measured to fit and the shoulder display is a 360 paper fan. The little numbers were decorated by the girls and complimented with sequins and feathers.

The lead up to carnival a series of events took place at the Antigua Recreation Ground where I did face painting at 'Lady J's' food stand for the duration of carnival week. Last year my daughter played children's mas and this year we were doing the face painting in the grounds. It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity.

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